Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an important element in our daily agenda at Interceramic. We live our values and base our decisions on them, giving us a strong, stable foundation.

Our social commitment goes beyond the scope of business and it reaches the development of communities where we operate. Interceramic social responsibility includes the following concepts:

Work / Life Balance: Creating a favorable, stimulating, safe, creative, non - discriminatory work environment promoting human and professional development.

Ethics: Principles that guide and ensure a transparent operation of the company and its internal and external relations.

Preservation of the Environment: Demonstrating reverence for the environment by promoting the optimization of resources that prevent waste.

Involvement in the Community: Creating synergy between sectors to develop solutions to social problems.

Being a socially responsible company is the integration of a social vision, based on policies and programs, to the business plan allowing the performance beyond legal obligations to contribute to the development of the community.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Message from our President of the Board and CEO

All decisions and activities of a company and its employees must be aimed at the satisfaction and needs of society, above the interests of an individual or external to the company’s well-being and of the countries in which it operates. The Code of Ethics is not only used to establish guidelines, values and principles but also it is a reflection of who we are and what we want to be.

This Code of Ethics sets clear and precise rules governing our acts as employees of INTERCERAMIC, as well as the relations with our clients, coworkers, suppliers, competitors, authorities and society in general.

The behaviors that are described below have been based on our model of values and our operations philosophy in order to serve faithfully, honestly and responsibly to those who trust in our work and to those with who we assume the commitment to perform our operations efficiently and according to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

I invite you to know these guidelines, to read them carefully and to recognize the importance to living them in our daily actions which is consistent with the reason for being Simply the Best.

Víctor D. Almeida García
President of the Board and CEO

Download Code of Ethics

Involvement with our Communities

Involvement with our Communities

"We are actively involved with society to work as a team in the search of solutions to their problems."

Interceramic supports non-profit organizations thru our floor donations program which provides floor and covering materials for schools, parishes, clinics, and shelters in need of these items.

Vida Digna Foundation

Vida Digna is a Foundation directly supported by Interceramic and the Harp Helu Foundation to contribute to the well-being and health of Tarahumara communities. With this effort we have helped more than 235 children and villagers in different mountain communities in the state of Chihuahua, also known as the "Sierra Tarahumara".

For 15 years we have shown our support for this foundation through cash donations, counseling, volunteers, and fundraising programs.

Preservation of the Environment

Preservation of the Environment

"Our commitment is to maintain harmony with the environment."

Environmental and Safety Policy

We are committed to promoting and supporting the sustainability of our operations and services while properly managing our energy and natural resources consumption and minimizing waste for the preservation of the environment.

We enforce the laws that govern us to promote our environmentally-friendly products.

We focus on safety in the work environment, ensuring the welfare of all employees, to avoid occupational hazards of every form.

Our environmental and safety management systems enable us to carry out the control and enforcement of this policy.

Interceramic Green

Interceramic Green is the consolidation of efforts and actions taken to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Its objective is to promote adequate use of natural resources and protect the environment.

Interceramic is committed and strives to maintain a harmonious relationship between the environment and its processes through efficient planning and achievement of our goals, therefore reducing harm to the ecosystem.

We rely on a modern and eco-friendly manufacturing process which is not a contaminating source. Some of our unique features include:

Interceramic products are manufactured with clays and minerals of natural Earth origin
An advanced dust collection process is used to create modern particle reclamation
Water is 100% recycled
Kilns are maintained with an advanced burning system of natural gas to optimize use
Programs have been implemented to reduce emissions into the atmosphere
LEED Program
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED) is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is recognized in the commercial and institutional markets.

In 2008 Interceramic became a participant in this program. Tile and Stone products manufactured by Interceramic can earn LEED credits.

We encourage Interceramic employees to identify, prevent, and control events that could affect our community or the environment.

We join efforts to optimize the use of consumable resources through programs that go beyond the common legal environmental standards and regulations. Practices such as water recycling, creation of green areas, and energy and resource savings are some of the operational standards that are performed on a daily basis.

For more information visit the website:

Global Compact

Global Compact

In 2005 Interceramic joined Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations (UN) promoted in the different organizations, companies, and non-government organizations.

Its purpose is to promote the creation of a global corporate citizenship allowing the settlement of interests and business processes, values and demands of the society, as well as with the projects of the United Nations, international sectored organizations, unions and NGOs.

Global Compact Notification Letter



Interceramic’s actions in the field of social responsibility have been recognized by government and private organizations:


For the fifth consecutive year, The Mexican Philanthropic Center (CEMEFI) honored our Mexican operations with the Socially Responsible Company Award.

For the fifth consecutive year, The Mexican Philanthropic Center (CEMEFI)


Interceramic received the "Socially Responsible Company Award" by the CEMEFI for the fourth consecutive year. For the fourth time our plants in Mexico are awarded the Clean Industry Certification by the Secretary of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA). Interceramic received the BASC certification granted by the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce.

Interceramic received the Certification of Safe Export Processes "Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism" (C-PAT) granted by the Department of Homeland Security of Washington D.C. in the United States.


Interceramic was awarded for the third consecutive year "Socially Responsible Company" by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI).

For the third time our plants in Mexico are awarded the Clean Industry Certification by the Secretary of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).


For the second consecutive year Interceramic was accredited as "Socially Responsible Company" by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI).

The ABISA Plant in Chihuahua obtained the "Award to the Labor Merit Edition 2006", process convened by the Secretary of Economic Development of Hidalgo State Government.

For the second time the Interceramic plants in Chihuahua, Mexico obtained the Clean Industry Certification by the Secretary of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

For the second time Interceramic achieves the BASC Certification granted the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce.

Interceramic achieves the Certification of Safe Export Processes "Custom Trade Partnership against Terrorism" (C-PAT) granted by the Department of Homeland Security of Washington D.C. in the United States.

Interceramic was honored by The Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI) with the award "The Best Practice of Social Responsibility" for releasing in conjunction with the Technological University of Chihuahua (UTCH), the degree of "Technical in Manufacturing Processes with Specialty in Ceramic Materials".


Interceramic receives the "Socially Responsible Company Award" by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI).
Interceramic joined the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations (UN).

Interceramic Plants in Chihuahua achieved the Clean Industry Certification by the Secretary of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

In November the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI) honored the Interceramic Interactive University the award "The Best Practice of Social Responsibility 2005".

In December the ABISA Plant received the "Award to the Work Merit Edition 2006", process convened by the Secretary of Economic Development of the Hidalgo State Government.

Interceramic receives the "Chihuahua Total Quality and New Labor Culture Award" granted by Chihuahua State Government and Chihuahua Center for High Quality and Productivity.

Interceramic is considered one of the "100 Most Human Mexican Companies", according the Mexican magazine "Mundo Ejecutivo".

Interceramic was recognized within the "Top 25 Socially Responsible Companies".

Interceramic was distinguished as one of the "Top 500 Best Mexican Companies" according to the Mexican Magazine "Expansión".

The Mexican magazine "Comunicación y Dirección" (Communication and Management) recognized Interceramic as one of the "Best practices of Orientation Process".

Interceramic received the BASC Certification granted every two years by the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce.

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